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We are committed to providing a peaceful, protected sanctuary for those coming off the streets and those in need, through community partnerships and supportive services our organization will change our community for the better.

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Here at OC Sober House, we provide a safe living environment that is both structured and supportive.  Professional staff are on-site 24/7 and clients’ recovery is monitored by medical professionals.


Project Sanctuary Testimonials

sober living Orange County, CA

I grew up in an abusive environment growing up, I lost both my parents at the age 15 due to them having a legal issue and immigration issues. I was left alone in apartment to raise both my siblings. I had to do whatever it took to survive and went down a wrong path. Now I’m working full time and have been able to actually safe for a future, I don’t do anything illegal and I’m now enrolling into school. This place has given me a safe and clean environment and has provided me the support I need to get a second chance.

I was 11 when I started drinking, by the age of 13 I was arrested for weapons charges, intent to sell, and possession. I ran away from home and unfortunately got involved in a toxic relationship. I went around in life being angry and hating everything. I started trusting people around me. This home is a clean and safe space that has given me a roof over my head. The first thing I think of when I come here is………life saver. I feel now like I can succeed and fly. Now I’m in the process of starting my own business and have been sober for years.

I started hanging around the wrong people in high school, I used cocaine for the first time in high school. You know the main reason I choose hanging around my friends over my family was because my father used to beat my mother in front of me. I kept using cocaine as I got older, I was once married…..she didn’t know I was using cocaine. I started buying so many drugs that I eventually lost my family and house. Even after I decided to leave drugs. I had nowhere to go. It is not easy getting back on your feet with out support. I remember having to go to work but act like nothing wrong is happening. I would have no shower and no where to rest my head. Now I do and I thank everyone who has had a part in it.

Orange County, CA Transitional Living

Professional Care Provided by Medical Professionals

We believe its time for a new Era of “Transitional living”. Not Only do we provide a safe housing environment we provide a range of resources and services. We have onsite counseling staff and case management services to assist in linkage to resources you may be in need off. If you or someone you know needs our housing please contact us at 714-350-5228 or Email us at

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Professional Staff On-Site 24/7

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Operation Safe Night

We have consciously made the decision to have a limited amount of emergency beds for organizations or city agencies to refer those in desperate need or are under unfortunate circumstances. This program is called “Operation Safe Night”. The goal of Operation Safe Night is to give those I need a safe place to stay for a night. This is something we believe will give back to the community and provide those in need a worry free and peaceful place for them to sleep for a night. If you are an organization please email for emergency bed availability.


Our Trusted Medical Partners

American Addiction Institute of Mind & Medicine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse.  Some of the services provided include Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Continuing Care and Relapse Prevention, Co-occuring Disorders Treatment, and more.

Zephyr Medical Group is a medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of any form of chemical dependency, illicit or otherwise.  The clinic fully supports the use of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), if clinically indicated in your care.  In addition, the paradigm of approach is grounded in Harm Reduction and tailored to each individual patient to meet them where they are at.

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